The Huron Valley Rose: Issue 2 // July 2018

Single Payer and the Fight to Defend Medicaid
by Peggy Kahn

“The fights to defend and expand Medicaid around the country are not merely a reformist distraction from the effort to build momentum behind single payer but an opening both to maintain access to health care for some of the most marginalized and vulnerable and to build momentum behind the single-payer movement.


Natural Gas: A Bridge To Nowhere
by Matt Haugen

Capitalism’s Rampant Cruelty Drives Migration
by Jennifer Jones

Frugal Recipes
by Ian Mark

The Huron Valley Rose: Issue 1 // April 2018

Socialist U: How DSA Can Radicalize Campus Politics
by Maximillian Alvarez

hand holding a rose“Universities can and should be pivotal sites in the building of a nation-wide socialist project, but they can’t and won’t be as long as the shape of life and politics there continues to be determined by the prerogatives of a thoroughly corporatized higher education system. This is what makes an organization like DSA so important for the future of campus politics.”


To Be Recognized As Human, Levelly Human, Is Enough
by Kelly E. Wright

Lecturers’ Union at the University of Michigan Continues Bargaining
by Dan Diffendale

Member Spotlight: Lisa Leininger
by The Huron Valley Rose

Rose Cardamom Meringues Recipe
by Susan Priller

Electoral Digest
by The HVDSA Electoral Politics Committee